The Star journos harassed by anti-Bersih group (16.10.16)

Journalists from The Star covering the Bersih 5.0 convoy were among those who were confronted and harassed by a group of anti-Bersih supporters … [Read more...]


Tindakan Jamal mengugut sebagai mengganggu ketenteraman awam negara ini perlu diambil serius oleh Pengerusi Barisan Nasional itu. Gerakan menggesa … [Read more...]

80pc of enforcers manning borders on the take (3.6.15)

A CONTROVERSIAL report compiled by the Special Branch revealed that a staggering 80 per cent of the nation’s security personnel and law enforcement … [Read more...]

Novel Christian movement aims to cool religious tensions from bottom up (30.5.15)

In the face of worsening religious ties, a new Christian movement has emerged to fill the gap at the grassroots level where interfaith cooperation … [Read more...]

The Rohingyas, Where Do We Go From Here? (23.5.15)

KUALA LUMPUR (Bernama) -- Ever since the Vietnamese boat people landed in the east coast more than four decades ago, Malaysia has been a magnet for … [Read more...]

Selangor Gerakan condemns religious intolerance following protest against church in PJ David Ang: Embrace religious tolerance and moderation as a way of life (20.4.15)

A report on Sunday saying that a Muslim group demonstrated outside a church in Taman Medan demanding it to remove the cross with the claims that it is … [Read more...]