Gerakan wants mufti to face criminal probe (25.6.16)

The police have been urged to open an criminal investigation against the mufti of Pahang on grounds of creating public mischief and incitement. Chai … [Read more...]

BN wins big in P93 Sungai Besar by-election (19.6.16)

[Read more...]

Nelayan yang dibebaskan berterima kasih kepada Parti Gerakan dan BN (17.6.16)

Dua orang nelayan tempatan – Chua Lee Teck dan Heng Chee Yong, yang ditahan oleh Indonesia selama lebih 3 bulan, telah pulang ke Bagan Sekinchan … [Read more...]

Gerakan Selangor: Pakatan Harapan plays race card to win votes in the Sg Besar by-election(14.6.16)

Gerakan Selangor State Liaison Chairman Dato’ David Ang Chin Tat slammed DAP and Amanah for playing the race card in the Sungai Besar parliamentary … [Read more...]

Gerakan Selangor: Pakatan Harapan guna isu perkauman untuk mendapatkan undi di PRK Sg Besar (14.6.16)

Pengerusi Jawatankuasa Perhubungan Negeri Gerakan Selangor Dato’ David Ang Chin Tat mengecam DAP dan Amanah yang sanggup menggunakan isu perkauman … [Read more...]

David Ang: Kedatangan pemimpin SUPP di Sg Besar terus mengukuhkan lagi sokongan pengundi terhadap BN (11.06.16)

(Dr Sim berkempen bersama Jentera Pilihanraya Parti Gerakan) Presiden Parti Rakyat Bersatu Sarawak (SUPP) YB Datuk Dr Sim Kui Hian tiba di Sekinchan … [Read more...]

Gerakan ready to face two by-elections (22.5.16)

Gerakan’s party machinery is ready to face the two parliamentary by-elections next month, said its President Mah Siew Keong. Mah, who is Minister in … [Read more...]

Can the Bar challenge the AG?-Andy Yong (17.3.16)

THE Attorney General (AG) is supposed to be the guardian of the rule of law. Some say this position is probably the most powerful one in Malaysia. … [Read more...]

Let’s save Malaysia, why not? — Jahaberdeen Mohamed Yunoos (14.3.16)

Paradox, dark humour, inconsistency and hypocrisy are four words most apt to describe some of the politicians in this country. I am now convinced … [Read more...]

Hadi offered to form S’gor gov’t with Umno, claims Husam (6.11.15)

Former PAS vice-president Husam Musa has alleged that party president Abdul Hadi Awang had tried to form a unity government with Umno in … [Read more...]

PAS ready to work with Barisan, but doesn’t mind going solo (27.10.15)

PAS has made its most direct overture that it is ready to meet and work with the Barisan Nasional ruling Government. Its president Datuk Seri Abdul … [Read more...]

Hudud law – Gerakan to mount fresh legal challenge (21.10.15)

Gerakan will mount a fresh legal challenge against Kelantan’s hudud, the party’s hudud legal team coordinator Andy Yong said today. This follows … [Read more...]

More Malays disapprove of Najib administration, survey shows (17.10.15)

Malaysian voters overwhelmingly disapprove of Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak's government, with the number of dissatisfied Malays also … [Read more...]

Did Hadi clear hudud bill with sultans, asks Gerakan (8.10.15)

Gerakan asked if PAS’ president Abdul Hadi Awang has consulted the sultans on his hudud bill, considering the Islamic penal code would apply to all … [Read more...]

Young Chinese in Malaysia ‘delusional’ to think Malay domination can change, says top Singapore diplomat (8.10.15)

Malaysia’s ethnic Chinese youth are “delusional” if they believe that Malay dominance in politics can be replaced by a change in the system, … [Read more...]

Tajuddin ‘slap’ remark earns ‘flying kick’ response (3.10.15)

Gerakan Youth deputy chief Andy Yong wonders whether deputy Agriculture and Agro-based Industry Minister, Tajuddin Abdul Rahman has an inferiority … [Read more...]

Federal government given leave to intervene in Gerakan’s hudud challenge case (18.9.15)

The Federal Court here today allowed the federal government’s application to intervene in Gerakan’s application for leave to challenge the … [Read more...]

‘Peaceful protest wrong, but ‘monkey show’ is ok?’ (27.8.15)

Here are two groups embroiled in the same issue: street protest. One group were protesting in front of the Parliament building. However, the … [Read more...]

Selangor assets now held by a RM2 company? (19.8.15)

Around RM30 billion worth of assets previously handled by state asset management company Menteri Besar Selangor Incorporated (MBI Selangor) is now … [Read more...]

Ministers urged to realize unfair governance David Ang : Do not pawn multi-stream education on the pretext of “national unity” (19.8.15)

Gerakan National Deputy Treasurer Dato’ David Ang Chin Tat today criticised newly appointed Education Minister Datuk Seri Mahdzir Khalid over his … [Read more...]

Gerakan: Ministers To Stop Themselves From Becoming The Laughing Stock Of The World (10.8.15)

The Selangor Gerakan state Chairman, Dato’ David Ang Chin Tat criticized some of the current ministers of the cabinet are not showing initiative to … [Read more...]

Malaysian Cabinet 2015 (28.7.15)

Malaysian Cabinet 2015 Portfolio Office Bearer Party Constituency Prime Minister Minister of Finance Mohd. Najib Abdul Razak … [Read more...]

Zainah Anwar : Questions to ponder (27.7.15)

As issue and more issues made the headlines, will there be an implosion of all the things that Malaysia had built over the years? I AM beginning to … [Read more...]

Tired of bad news but hooked to it, are Malaysians suffering political fatigue? (12.7.15)

If Malaysians are feeling depressed with all the negativity in local news and politics, it could partly be their own doing as they are both consumers … [Read more...]

Selangor Gerakan urged Azmin to prioritize the interest of the Rakyat David Ang: power struggle adds salt to the wound (20.6.15)

Selangor Gerakan urged Selangor MB Azmin Ali to handle the DAP-PKR crisis with great care to avoid adding salt to the wound of the Selangor people … [Read more...]

How Long Can PKR-led Government Survive In Selangor? (20.6.15)

The "divorce" between PAS and the DAP which destroyed the cooperation in the Opposition Pact (PR) so far has not affected the position of Mohamed … [Read more...]

DAP denies plan to quit Selangor government (20.6.15)

Selangor DAP chief Tony Pua today denied a Sin Chew report that DAP may quit the Selangor government if Menteri Besar Azmin Ali refused to expel PAS … [Read more...]

Politics Given Priority Over Welfare Of People – Khalid (17.6.15)

SHAH ALAM, June 17 (Bernama) -- Excessive political manoeuvring has again taken priority over the wellbeing and welfare of the people of Selangor, … [Read more...]

Tony Pua: Pakatan problems could bring down Selangor govt (8.6.15)

PETALING JAYA: Pakatan Rakyat is now in "unchartered waters" after PAS' decision to sever all ties and stop all political cooperation with DAP, said … [Read more...]

Ban politicians from NGOs, says Indian NGO (6.6.15)

PETALING JAYA: The leader of an Indian-based society has urged the Registrar of Societies to disqualify politicians and those holding elected public … [Read more...]