Andy Yong: Special parlimentary sitting on Indira’s case (13.1.16)

Gerakan Deputy Youth Chief, Andy Yong Kim Seng is appalled with the recent decision by the Court of Appeal to reverse the decision of the High Court … [Read more...]

Zainah Anwar : Questions to ponder (27.7.15)

As issue and more issues made the headlines, will there be an implosion of all the things that Malaysia had built over the years? I AM beginning to … [Read more...]

Hukum guru, pentadbir sekolah bersifat perkauman, kata G25 (25.7.15)

Guru dan pentadbir sekolah yang mengamalkan sikap perkauman semasa sesi persekolahan atau aktiviti pelajar perlu dihukum, kata kumpulan 25 tokoh … [Read more...]

Protester turns hero for saving man’s life during Plaza Low Yat fracas (14.7.15)

A Malay mechanic who was at Plaza Low Yat Plaza fracas in Bukit Bintang here on Sunday, turned into the saviour of a Chinese man randomly attacked by … [Read more...]

Insiden Plaza Low Yat tidak patut berlaku di bulan Ramadan, kata Dr Mahathir (14.7.15)

Insiden rusuhan di Plaza Low Yat yang berlaku baru-baru ini, tidak sepatutnya berlaku dalam bulan Ramadan yang mulia, kata bekas perdana menteri Tun … [Read more...]

Gerakan Youth to lodge police report against racial instigator in video Andy Yong: Police inaction during hate speech unacceptable (14.7.15)

A virulent video circulating on social media involving an individual giving a speech inciting racial hatred before the crowd gathered in front of the … [Read more...]

Tired of bad news but hooked to it, are Malaysians suffering political fatigue? (12.7.15)

If Malaysians are feeling depressed with all the negativity in local news and politics, it could partly be their own doing as they are both consumers … [Read more...]

Poll respondents urge authorities to clean up Klang (27.6.15)

The royal town of Klang has certainly seen better days. The former state capital used to be known for its fresh seafood, good shopping and rich … [Read more...]

Peniaga Bazar Ramadan maki warga asing di Damansara Damai (23.6.15)

PETALING JAYA: Dua lelaki warga asing menjadi mangsa maki hamun seorang peniaga di sebuah bazar Ramadan gara-gara cuba mengalihkan … [Read more...]

FMFA heat stroke deaths lesson for others to stay hydrated (2.6.15)

SHAH ALAM: The deaths of six youths at the Future Music Festival Asia (FMFA) 2014 last year serves as a lesson to other concert goers to keep … [Read more...]

Novel Christian movement aims to cool religious tensions from bottom up (30.5.15)

In the face of worsening religious ties, a new Christian movement has emerged to fill the gap at the grassroots level where interfaith cooperation … [Read more...]