David Ang : Pakatan only knows to point fingers


This is not the first time that the Selangor Goverment had accused the BN Federal Govrenment of sabotaging the water. In the year 2016, MB Azmin Ali had accused BN of water sabotage when the rivers in Selangor was polluted and the Selangor Goverment then made a show of making a police report, says Datuk David Ang Chin Tat, the Gerakan Selangor State chairman.

He said that Pakatan seems that only knows one trick when they governing the state – which is to point fingers.

“Over the past week, various actors from the opposition such as Charles Santiago, Hannah Yeoh and the MB’s office have been trying to blame the Federal Government for the water cuts which caused suffering to the public and great losses to the businesses.”

“Hannah Yeoh even implied that the Federal Government had sabotaged the Selangor Government and caused the water cuts.”

He said, this is not the first time that the Selangor Government had accused the BN Federal Government of sabotaging the water.

“Two years on, we are still waiting for MB Azmin to show us the evidence of the alleged BN “sabotage”, so where is the evidence now?”

“I want to ask Hannah Yeoh and the Selangor Government on this.”

“Can you tell me how the Federal Government sabotage Selangor by extending RM7 billion in loans and facilities to allow Selangor Goverment to fully buy out the 3 other water concession companies SYABAS, Puncah Niaga  and Kumpulan Abbas.

“In fact the Pakatan Selangor Government should be grateful that Prime Minister Najib is the PM who extended Federal loans and grants for water restructuring to all 3 opposition-controlled states in Penang, Selangor and Kelantan. If Tun Mahathir is still the PM, he would never have given such help as how he had deprived Kelantan of such funds and then laughing at Kelantan for having dirty water. ”

“And when Hannah and the other state assembly members said that the water concession agreement in year 2000 for SPLASH was given by the BN Government, please be aware that it was given by BN then, when Mahathir was the PM and the Finance Minister who approved this lop-sided water concession.”

“Can Hannah tell me how the Federal Government sabotaged Selangor that it  was the current Pakatan Selangor Government who decided that former MB Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim offered too low price at RM250mil for SPLASH buy out and hence the current MB Azmin Ali offers RM2.8 billion to buy SPLASH?”

“How does this benefit the people of Selangor, which the state government is using the Selangor tax payer’s money to pay 11 times higher to a private company instead of paying 11 times less?”

“Can Hannah also tell me if it was BN sabotage that Azmin Ali reversed the decision of former MB Khalid to give back the operations license to SPLASH instead of buying and taking control over SPLASH completely?”

“Hannah should also tell us how did the BN government sabotage Selangor when Selangor was more than willing to tolerate a 0% water reserve margin?”

“How was it also a BN’s sabotage that, despite of all the protests and blockage from the Pakatan Selangor Govterment,  the federal goverment is insisting to build the Pahang-Selangor Water transfer project and also the Langat 2 plant which will provide very much relief to the Selangor’s water woes.”

“Hannah and the MB office should also tell us how did BN sabotage Selangor when it is Air Selangor itself that only paid SPLASH 36% of their owing but still insisted on SPLASH running above capacity for extended periods which has led to breakdown and inability to maintain SPLASH’s water plants which led to the water cuts last week?”

“Hannah  should  also tell us why is it a BN sabotage,  in fact that MB Azmin Ali had dragged his feet for years to make a formal offer to buy out SPLASH.”

“Please explain to us.”

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