Selangor Gerakan slams Selangor state government for claiming MACC raids an attempt to smear its image



Gerakan Selangor State Liaison Committee Chairman Dato’ David Ang Chin Tat slammed the PKR-led Selangor state government for describing the raids conducted by the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) yesterday (August 22) at Universiti Selangor (Unisel), Mentri Besar Incorporated (MBI) and Jana Niaga Sdn Bhd as an attempt to smear its image.

He said it is wrong for the Selangor state government to attack the credibility of MACC, implicated parties should welcome and cooperate with MACC in the investigations to demonstrate pledge to fight corruption.

Ang reminded that MACC had previously conducted similar raids and investigations on state government leaders and officers in Barisan Nasional (BN) states such as Terengganu, Melaka, Johor, and Sabah as well as the recent arrest of Felda Global Ventures (FGV) chairman Tan Sri Isa Samad.

He said massive corruption and abuse of power had been exposed throughout the campaign, corrupt government leaders and officers were subsequently charged in court.

He said this was enough to prove that MACC’s anti-graft blitz was impartial and Pakatan Harapan (PH) leaders were guilty of tarnishing the credibility of MACC and disrespectful of law enforcement.

“Clearly it was not MACC tarnishing Selangor state government’s image, it was the PKR-led state government leaders attacking MACC to be true, there is nothing wrong with MACC conducting raids based on reports, it was absurd and outrageous to claim that it was politically motivated to target PH states of Selangor and Penang.”

“Pakatan leaders should not discount the fact that MACC had conducted similar raids on BN states, they should not be selective when defending their innocence immediately after the raid, it was a lie to mislead the public and hugely unfair to MACC and BN, stop playing the victim and cooperate with investigations by authorities,” said Ang.

Ang recalled that BN state government in other states gave full cooperation to MACC and did not cry foul, unlike the PKR-led Selangor state government.

He slammed PH leaders for being hypocrites and double standards as they always mock BN for lack of credibility and transparency, but they choose to attack MACC when they are implicated.

In contrast with PH’s baseless claims, he asserted that Selangor Gerakan strongly supports MACC in its anti-graft campaign to fight corruption in public sector regardless of partisan pressure.

“It is a shame that PH leaders do not practice what they preach, according to MACC chief, Selangor and Kelantan are the only two states that refuse to sign the Corruption-Free Pledge (IBR), while Penang had just signed it earlier of the month after much pressure, PH clearly does not value accountability and transparency as much as they touted, they must be clear that corruption does not discriminate and PH leaders are not immune from corruption charges,” said Ang.

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