Abolition of Cabotage policy- what does DAP want?

DAP Cabotage Policy LSS

For so many many years, DAP has called for Govt to abolish the Cabotage policy and even made this their elections promise umpteenth times.

DAP has said so many times that Govt must be fair to Sabah and Sarawak and abolish the policy to help reduce prices in East Malaysia to ease the people’s burdens.

After Najib abolished Mahathir’s cabotage policy for Sabah and Sarawak two days ago, DAP Sarawak head Chong Chieng Jen now says government must review decision to abolish Cabotage.

Chong says this policy will hurt Sarawak and may not help in reducing prices in Sarawak.

Actually hor, what does DAP want?

Don’t abolish, DAP is angry and said it hurts Sabah and Sarawak.

When abolish, DAP is angry and said it hurts Sabah and Sarawak.

This is how useless DAP and Pakatan is. All they ever do is to find any issue to attack govt to mislead and incite the people.

Unless you are a mindless zombie, this is yet another example that can help Malaysians see how useless and lying that the DAP is.

DAP says to abolish Cabotage


DAP now says not to abolish Cabotage

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