Crocodile tears: Mahathir and Proton

1. Proton sales started to decline in the year 2003 while Tun Mahathir was still Prime Minister. Just two years later in 2005, it was overtaken by … [Read more...]

Jabatan Perangkaan: Gaji pekerja naik dan ekonomi Malaysia terus berkembang pada 2016

Jabatan Perangkaan Negara melaporkan penengah dan purata gaji & upah bulanan pekerja di Malaysia meningkat 6.2% dan 6.3% masing-masing. Penengah … [Read more...]

Why is PKR so muddled up?

PKR was once the great hope of Malaysian politics – it was ostensibly multiracial and it had a credible candidate for prime minister in Anwar Ibrahim. … [Read more...]

Abolition of Cabotage policy- what does DAP want?

For so many many years, DAP has called for Govt to abolish the Cabotage policy and even made this their elections promise umpteenth times. DAP has … [Read more...]

Bukit Gasing trees partially sawn by vandals, pose a danger (4.5.17)

Healthy trees were partially sawed and left to fall at the Bukit Gasing Educational Forest in Bukit Gasing which can be dangerous to … [Read more...]