Gerakan Selangor urged Azmin not to politicize the Sungai Semenyih pollution case (24.10.16)

David Ang

Gerakan Selangor today criticize MB Selangor Azmin for making attempts to divert the public attention to hide his own weaknesses in tackling the recent Sungai Semenyih pollution issue.

“Putting a blame to his political rivals, namely BN and UMNO for the cause of problems is an irresponsible act and a low-class tactic making use of people livelihood issues for a political mileage”, Dato David Ang Chin Tat, the Gerakan Selangor State Liaison Committe Chairman said.

“If the incident proven to be an act of sabotage by BN and UMNO, as Azmin claimed then he and Selangor government should immediately lodge a police report and resolve the issue through the legal procedures, i.e charge the culprits under the criminal offenses.”

“Unfortunately, when asked if the state government was planning to initiate the legal action, his suggestion of “let the rakyat (people) to do the punishment” is like instigating the public to handle the issue by emotion rather than going through the proper legitimate manners.”

He pointed out that including the most recent one, the Sungai Semenyih Water Treatment Plant was closed for 4 times due to contamination. Thousands of people have been affected but the Selangor government has failed to resolve the issue despite claiming that the investigations and other efforts have been carried out.

And, as for the investigation outcomes, the MB Selangor blamed BN and UMNO for causing the trouble and alleged that it’s an attempt to undermine the state government capacity.

“Gerakan Selangor is truly disappointed with this kind of irresponsible politicking tactics which put the public interest at risks.”

“Gerakan Selangor wish to remind the state government that it’s a serious livelihood matters that affecting all Selangorians, thus do not politicize it and let’s tackle the issue in the proper manners. Any attempts to stir the public sentiment for a political mileage must be condemned with no tolerance.”

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