Give EC your solution, says ex-chairman (15.10.16)


Those who object to the Election Commission’s redelineation plan need to submit a counter proposal on what their constituency should look like, said former commission chairman Tan Sri Abdul Rashid Abdul Rahman (pic).

Abdul Rashid, who was EC chairman when the last redelineation was done in 2003, said those who had submitted objections must present a sound and valid case during the local inquiry which the EC will hold.

“There has never been this many objections filed, but the number doesn’t matter because it depends on whether the arguments are valid.”

“My advice is that you must be objective, don’t play politics,” said Abdul Rashid, who was EC chairman from 2000 to 2008.

 He said the commission would likely reject arguments by those who say the redelineation will cause their incumbent elected representative to lose in the next general election.


A valid objection can be based on fears that the proposed redelineation can adversely alter the ethnic make up in the constituency, which in turn may jeopardise harmony in the area.

Another example is arguing that the redelineation would split the village or local community, adversely affecting local ties.

Asked if it was valid to object if the proposed redelineation created an unfairly sized constituency, Abdul Rashid said it was.

“You could argue at the local inquiry that it’s not fair that a neighbouring constituency only has 50,000 voters while your constituency has 100,000 voters.

“But then, you should present a counter proposal on what you believe is ideal and practical for your constituency.”

Source: The Star

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