Gerakan Selangor: Unfair Redelineation Leads To Deepen Polarization (20.9.16)

Gerakan Selangor State Liaison Chairman Dato David Ang today described the redelineation of electoral boundaries proposed by the Election Commission … [Read more...]

Moneylender licence ‘ill-advised’ proposal (11.9.16)

HBA says scheme will drag house buyers deeper in debt THE National House Buyers Association (HBA) views with grave concern on the statement by the … [Read more...]

General Election in March 2017? (9.9.16)

There is speculation that the general election could be held as early as next March. “March has been talked about,” Bloomberg quoted an Umno division … [Read more...]


Billions of ringgit obviously speaks a lot louder than a group of residents whose lives are impacted by this lawless government. Michelle Wong When … [Read more...]

Many Malaysian households at risk of shocks (5.9.16)

WE are living in challenging times. With the global condition still in a fragile state, the Malaysian economy will likely face several more lean … [Read more...]

ZikaVirus At A Glance (5.9.16)

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