Gerakan wants mufti to face criminal probe (25.6.16)

Chai Ko Thing

The police have been urged to open an criminal investigation against the mufti of Pahang on grounds of creating public mischief and incitement.

Chai Ko Thing, head of Gerakan Youth’s legal bureau, said the mufti, Dr Abdul Rahman Osman, had made a threat to public order and security by declaring the DAP as ‘kafir harbi’ for being against the enforcement of Islamic criminal penalties.

The mufti has come under widespread criticism as those termed as ‘kafir Harbi’ are at risk of being against the implementation of Islamic principles and going against God.

Chai said the police could invoke Section 505 of the Penal Code, for a statement made to conduct public mischief, and subsection (c) on incitement of a certain community to commit an offence against another community.

The mufti’s declaration was against Malaysia’s principles of religious tolerance, moderation and rationality, Chai said, urging religious leaders not to cross the line into politicking.

“Religious leaders should be more cautious and discreet when making any declaration or fatwa with regard to public order and security, they should not be involved in politics neither misusing religious authority for politicking,” said Chai.

Chai said the mufti’s declaration was a political one and not religious in nature.

He urged religious leaders not to cross the line into politicking and fuelling public confusion, which he said could cause a threat to public order and security.

Chai pointed out that Malaysia already faced threats of violent and extreme ideas of foreign origin from such organisations such as Daesh (the Islamic State terrorist network). “We must also do our best to prevent and neutralise local teething problems.”

Source: FMT

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