Gerakan: 90% of Malaysians agree toll rates are unaffordable (16.5.16)

Chai Ko Thing 2

Gerakan announced today that 90% Malaysians agreed the current toll rates is beyond their affordability.

The party’s national youth legal bureau chief Chai Ko Thing said the figure is based on an online survey which registered a total 1,890 people.

“The survey’s result is available on and the poll ended on April 1,” he said.

A question, “Do the current toll rates of major highways in Malaysia are within the affordability limit of the rakyat?” was first posted on March 14.

The public would only need to select ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ to reply.

Commenting on the figures, he said it was high time for the government to heed the public’s sentiments on the matter as “it has reached a critical point beyond their affordability.”

“We will also submit a memorandum to the Works Ministry within two weeks on our proposal to reduce the toll rates.

“The government can extend the toll concessionaires that will result in lowering the current rates,” he said in a press conference held here at Gerakan’s headquarters.

When pointed by the press on the survey’s simple approach without knowing the respondents’ age group or approach, he said the survey is meant to highlight the peoples’ plight through a question.



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