Elizabeth Wong continues to shut door for Say No To Dash (SNTD) Azmin Ali urged to compel “missing assemblywoman” address public complaints (22.3.16)

David Ang FB

Gerakan Selangor State Chairman Datuk David Ang Chin Tat slammed Selangor state government for keep ignoring Say No To Dash (SNTD) (Damansara-Shah Alam Elevated Expressway)’s request by insisting to keep the controversial DASH project going. He further slammed the Bukit Lanjan assemblywoman cum Selangor executive council member Elizabeth Wong who is also in charge of tourism, consumer affairs, and environment of not more than a Selangor state government’s rubber stamp.

He pointed out that Wong joined the people alongside the SNTD members on the January 2012 anti-DASH peaceful assembly, to fight against DASH that harms surrounding environment and people’s life, and had also promised on April 2012 to stop the project and guaranteed that it will not be approved on June 2014. However, the state government has been acquiescing the running of the project in full swing ever since the end of last year, which was exposed by the local residents. Elizabeth Wong has since “disappeared” right now, which made all these seemed like a big scam. The Selangor state government has undoubtedly cheated the Selangorians on this matter!

Ang cited “The Edge” report earlier this month about the Selangor state government’s purchase of Signature International Berhad land with RM 79.95 million to pave way for the Expressway, again another clear sign that the Selangor government was placing profits above public concerns – a self-contradictory act.

“Selangor Menteri Besar (MB) Azmin Ali attempted to whitewash the incident on November last year by claiming in the state assembly that public views and needs would be prioritized in highway projects within the state. However, the state government now appears adamant to carry on with the highway project, refuses to meet the local residents, and ignores all calls and messages. Does that mean something fishy is going on within the state government and that it has to play seek-and-hide with the local residents?”

“In fact, the state government has been giving “no decision has been made” replies to all demands for answer, while planning to push the project into full swing behind the scene, which is a clear ignorance of public concerns. It seems clear now that their so-called “people-view first” pledge is not than just a window dressing. Regardless of all public views, they will continue to turn a blind eye.”

David Ang, who is also Deputy Treasurer of Gerakan said that the SNTD had many times sent invitation letters, memorandum, calls and messages to Elizabeth Wong to urge her to explain the progress on DASH but all efforts were in vain. Wong, an Exco member had somehow mysteriously disappeared from public sight.

“I strongly condemn the state government behaviours of keeping mum and evading responsibilities on this issue! Azmin Ali’s such recurring administrative tactics has exposed his previous deliberate attempts to beautify his own image and cunning ways to window dressing issues!

“I must again remind Azmin Ali that “water can sail the boat but can also sink the boat”. Back then, Selangorians gave the mandate to opposition to govern the state and entrusted the MB with the future of the state, which in turns he has the very responsibility to take care the people’s interest and welfare, instead of running the Selangor state in the manner of iron fist.”

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