Elizabeth Wong challenged to disclose logging contracts Azmin’s clear inconsistency before and after assuming MB (27.2.16)

David Ang FB

Gerakan Selangor Chairman Dato’ David Ang Chin Tat urged the Selangor government to stop giving out excuses for their serious lack of transparency in contracts issuing to two logging companies.

He reminded the Selangor Menteri Besar (MB) Azmin Ali about his earlier rebuke against the federal government which pointed out that hidden deals should not become a privilege of administrators, as he is now stepping into federal government’s shoes unconsciously after blinded by power. This also shows that the Azmin’s administration will only criticize others without looking into the mirror themselves.

He said that Azmin kept saying that the Selangor government had set up Forestry Department to investigate the qualifications of contractors that applied for the two forest areas to be cleared, and had chosen two above the rest, but how were these processes transparent? And how could it be proven that the Forestry Department was independent and free from state government’s influence?

“It’s obvious from all perspectives that this forest clearing project had not undergone open tender and contracts were issued to two completely inexperienced companies in the field, which again showed that the Selangor state government so-called “integrity” slogan was merely an empty check meant to deceive the people. We also challenged Elizabeth Wong who is the EXCO in charge of the Environment Committee, Consumer Affairs, and Tourism to urge the government to disclose documents behind this project. Otherwise, she will be not more than a rubber stamp without any real functions in the state assembly,” said David Ang.

“I must also remind Elizabeth Wong that if the two inevitable electricity pylon projects are truly meant to benefit the people, aren’t these two contractors for forest land clearing must be more transparent in open tender,” asked David Ang.

David Ang added that, currently the two contractors’ relationships with the Selangor government remain unclear. As such, the state government should not run away from public questioning and must disclose all related details to adhere to its slogan of integrity and transparency governance.

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