Ignoring voices of concern from anti-DASH group Elizabeth Wong fails to follow up with public complaints (16.2.16)

David Ang FB

Gerakan Selangor State Chairman slammed Selangor state government under the leadership of Menteri Besar (MB) Azmin Ali for its flip-flopping and confusing policies including the controversial Damansara–Shah Alam Elevated Expressway (DASH) project.

Despite strong protests from residents nearby, Azmin Ali used the reason of “redrafting the highway blueprint” as a delaying tactic. However, Say No To DASH (SNTD) had in last month lodged complaints regarding unauthorized road condition survey carried out by related company, which had invited strong rebuke from concerned residents. The state government’s deafening silence on this incident also led the people to question its recurring antics, which was not much different from the previous leadership.

“It is quite obvious that Azmin Ali prefers to cover up issues instead of pushing for people-friendly policies. Sweep all controversial issues under the mat, and window dressing them to deceive the people,” said David Ang.

David Ang also pointed out Bukit Lanjan assemblywoman Elizabeth Wong continues to show her indifference despite facing numerous pleas for help from concerned local residents on DASH project. She failed to meet any of the concerned residents despite complaints were lodged and did not give any explanation or bother to bring the issue to the state government reflection the position of the residents. She not only failed in her duty as people representative but also betrayed the people’s trust.

“As a assemblywoman in the constituency, all she did was just meeting the group in a mere procedural manner last year, she did not bring up the concerns raised by the residents in state assembly, let along to fight a solution that safeguards the interest of the resident. She is not more than a nominal assemblywoman that is submissive to public projects mooted by the state government which affect the lifestyle and public health of residents,” said David Ang.

David Ang also reminded Azmin Ali not to forget his original good intent, since he continues to lead the state under the shadow of Pakatan Rakyat (PR), the state government that took power under the name of PR should implement manifesto that was promised under the Buku Jingga, which aims to improve public transport system, instead of giving approval to a few highway projects within the state because of profit or interest.

He urged the Selangor Pakatan government to reject working with the developers on unpopular highway projects, to prove to the people that they did not choose a state government that they thought was different, but in fact was same with the previous one. Otherwise, the clean and credible image of Azmin Ali which he tried so hard to brand himself would be inevitably tainted.

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