Andy Yong: Special parlimentary sitting on Indira’s case (13.1.16)


Gerakan Deputy Youth Chief, Andy Yong Kim Seng is appalled with the recent decision by the Court of Appeal to reverse the decision of the High Court which quashed the conversion to Islam of Indira Gandhi’s children in July 2013 saying that such decision has cause much misery and a dangerous precedent in the country.

“Although there is an announcement by the Prime Minister where three ministers will be looking into this issue, I feel that a more proactive measure such as the tabling of a bill to amend relevant laws such as the Law Reform Act and Federal Constitution to clear the confusion and misinterpretation. In the past, such committees are unlikely to be productive and will only incur more time and cost which is unnecessary.”

Andy continued that instead of being lame ducks, the Parliament should play their role of being the grandest request of the nation on behalf the general public.

Instead of having a special session on the TPPA at the end of this month, a special sitting should be given to Indira’s case as she is not the only one suffering quietly in this country. I have also handled some of these unfortunate cases personally and it only brought misery to both the parent and child involved. In the case of Indira, it is apparent of what are the problems and solutions needed hence there is no need for further actions which might complicate the situation.”

Andy called for both sides of the political divide to put aside their differences and vote with conscience for the sake of the nation and Malaysians and at the same time pressed for a bill which will return the independence of the judiciary.

“The future of the nation is at stake here, we must do all we can to safeguard it.”

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