RM75mil upgrade for Shah Alam (27.10.15)

Shah Alam Mayor Ahmad Zaharin - StarMetro

THE Shah Alam City Council has allocated about RM75mil next year to develop the city.

From this amount, RM7mil will be used to build a RM4mil community sports complex in Section 19 and a RM3mil mini stadium at Paya Jaras, Seksyen U19.

The mini stadium has already been agreed upon and will take two years to complete.

This was announced during the Budget meeting with city councillors on Oct 21.

Shah Alam mayor Datuk Ahmad Zaharin Mohd Saad told reporters that it was necessary to have a community stadium as there were no such facilities in the northern part of the city.

He said the council would suggest to the state government to allow them to manage and upgrade the mini stadium.

“Given the chance, we can upgrade the stadium and find ways to generate revenue from it.

“There are two fields at this stadium and we can create a hockey turf. Now there is no facility for hockey in Shah Alam,” he said.

Ahmad Zaharin said the development of sports facilities was in line with the council’s plan to promote sports and encourage a society with healthy lifestyle.

It is hoped that the younger generation will not get involved in social ills if they are active in sports, he said, adding that the council would continue with projects that began this year.

Among them is a banquet hall in Jalan Aerobik 13/4, Section 13, upgrading the water quality at Taman Tasik Shah Alam, now in its second phase, and repairing the road slope in Jalan Tengku Bali Shah, Section 9.

Funds will also be allocated for the construction of food and beverage stalls in Pekan Subang, Section 6, Section U10 near Universiti Teknologi Mara, and a six-storey business complex in Paya Jaras, Section U19, he added.

The existing food and beverage stalls in Section 15, he said, would be torn down and replaced with a single-storey building.

The breakdown of budget showed an estimated revenue of RM434.4mil and expenditure of RM443.5mil for next year.

The RM9mil deficit, said Ahmad Zaharin, would be paid with council’s reserve funds of RM100mil.

Councillor Tan Ah Kow reminded the city council to ensure that payments from this year were made on time and not carried forward and add to the deficit for next year.

He also suggested that the council provide more community facilities.

In response, Ahmad Zaharin said the allocated funds would be used in stages and in areas where more concentration was needed.

“Applications for community facilities made towards the end of this year will be brought forward to next year,” he said.

The council, he said, had allocated RM368.3mil for management expenditure and 72.8% of that would go toward the council’s supplies and services.

Under supplies and services, about RM146.2mil would be used for maintenance and repair works, he added.

The allocated funds would be used for collection of rubbish, maintenance of stalls, markets, halls and roads, repairing and maintenance of drains as well as parks and recreation areas.

Ahmad Zaharin said the council would also curb the dumping of rubbish at night.

“Since we cannot station our officers stationed round the clock, we plan to install CCTV,” he said.

Source: StarOnline

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