‘Peaceful protest wrong, but ‘monkey show’ is ok?’ (27.8.15)

(Picture from The Malaysian Times)

(Picture from The Malaysian Times)

Here are two groups embroiled in the same issue: street protest.

One group were protesting in front of the Parliament building. However, the seventeen students that were part of the #OccupyParliament protest were arrested by police last night.

It was learnt that the students, believed to be part of the University of Malaya Student Council (PMUM), were taken to the Jinjang police station.

While, another group, which is an anti-Bersih group, staged a violent performance by smashing woods and roof tiles on their backs and heads in front of Sogo shopping complex on Tuesday.

The group claimed that the move was part of their self-defence preparations should there be any problems between them and the Bersih 4.0 group which will march on the streets of Kuala Lumpur, Kuching and Kota Kinabalu on the 29th and 30th of  August 2015.

However, no arrest was made.

Gerakan Youth has condemned the double standard practiced by the authorities over these two similar issues.

“They (anti-Bersih group) rallied in front of Sogo with monkey shows recently.

“Mahasiswas peaceful protest in front of Parliament but were arrested. Why double standard?” asked the wing’s deputy chief Andy Yong.


“Anti-Bersih group openly declared for violence, the more so they should be arrested under the Penal Code.

“Come weekend there will be likely more arrest by the PDRM, I hope the authority will be fair to detain those who have violated the laws from both side,” he said in a statement to The Malaysian Times (TMT).

Andy, who is also the wing’s legal team, pointed out that Peaceful Assembly Act provided every citizen the right to assemble, “whether or not notice was given to the police”.

“I hope the police force’s intent in criminalising the right to assemble is in accordance to the law.

“Until there actually is a report of violence escalating during the rally, there is no need for the police to enforce the PAA.

“As decided in Court of Appeal case of Nik Nazmi Nik Ahmad vs Public Prosecutor, which stipulates the requisite to give prior, notice before an assembly is unlawful.

“Malaysia should emulate countries Hong Kong or Britain, where police were present to ensure public order and security,” he said.

Source: The Malaysian Times

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