Gerakan: Ministers To Stop Themselves From Becoming The Laughing Stock Of The World (10.8.15)

David Ang

The Selangor Gerakan state Chairman, Dato’ David Ang Chin Tat criticized some of the current ministers of the cabinet are not showing initiative to improve the efficiency of the cabinet. Instead, they are working in the opposite direction to worsen the situation.

He indicated the reshuffling of the cabinet members is not the root cause of the problem. The point is, other than the personnel changes in portfolios, what actual benefits or significant differences have the reshuffling bring to the Rakyat?

“Despite the increase in the numbers of the cabinet members and the major change in the roles play by each minister, I am really curious about the quality and the efficiency of  some cabinet members” said David Ang.

“It is obvious that many ministers are quite preoccupied with flattering, people-pleasing and expressing absurd statements. It is as if they are being assigned to make illogical statements rather than making contribution to the country development.”

He gave an antic example of a newly appointed minister. For instance, it was declared that during the upcoming parliament sitting, some of the existing laws and regulations will be revised, whereby all the online news medias will be enforced to register with the government. This is considered as redundant and meaningless.

Press freedom is without doubt, an important aspect for the development of a country. Indeed, people should be responsible towards their own speech and law enforcement can be practiced if press freedom is being misused or violated. It is essential to encourage freedom of speech / press freedom so readers can analyze the situation rationally, thereby aiding the development progress of the country.

It is pointless to revise the existing laws and regulations as they are practical. On the contrary, the ministers should look into the matter of improving other law and regulation practices instead of suppressing press freedom in the name of “preserving national stability”.

“Some people must be living like the frog at the bottom of a well for way too long that they can no longer adapt themselves to the changing world anymore. The act of revising the law and regulation just to favour a certain political stance makes people speechless and the feudal thinking leaves the efficiency and the prospect of the cabinet questionable.

In this context, David Ang urged the current “new” ministers to stop themselves from becoming the laughing stock of the world. Instead of continuously expressing absurd statements, maybe spending some effort to understand the job scopes and execute their responsibilities would be a more practical action. Serving for the welfare of the people is the only way to get rid of the impression of “good-for-nothing” from them.

“I hope these ministers are sincerely working for the people rather than engaging themselves in meaningless arguments, which yield nothing but showing their naivety to the world, whereby all the important matters are being neglected. Seeing as some of the power-greed ministers just expresses their ideologies without thinking about the logics, the credibility and quality of the cabinet is truly in critical concern.”

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