Many still find radio relevant despite online distractions (21.7.15)

( Photo: The Rakyat Post)

( Photo: The Rakyat Post)

Believe it or not, 93% of Malaysian youngsters aged 20-29 are still listening to AM/FM radio on a weekly basis.

That is an enormous number of population and the popularity of radio might surpass the appeal of leading social media site Facebook – based on a recent survey by GfK.

In a statement, GfK said its recent survey found that nine in 10 Malaysians tune in to radio for an average 17 hours in a week.

This works out to Malaysians listening to the radio at least two hours per day.

“Trendy youths of today are savvy, not to mention heavy users of smartphones, and it’s not surprising that this segment of the population are more inclined to consume radio in a different, more innovative way from the older generations,” said Selinna Chin, managing director of GfK in Malaysia.

“Utilising this mode also give them an additional option of platform to tune in to radio, making the level of penetration amongst the 20-29 age group the highest in the country with 93% weekly reach.”

GfK’s Radio Audience Measurement also found this technology generation, aged between 10-29, prefer to tune in on car or home radios, or even mobile apps – which include Spotify, Pandora and Apple Music.

What makes the appeal greater is that listeners don’t have to subscribe as they can tune in to any radio stations for free.

And listeners aren’t limited – they can tune in to radio channels in different languages and genres, depending on interest.

The older generation also tune in, but the GfK survey found those aged 40 and beyond prefer conventional way of listening to radio rather than through mobile apps.

But while radio listening among seniors is lower compared to the Generation Y, it remains high at about 80%.

Interestingly, those aged 40-49 spent the most time listening to the radio – over 18 hours in a week.

Given this strong interest in listening to the radio, Chin said it remains a very effective medium for advertisers to reach their target audience – even though many may assume the Internet is a far stronger influence.

Source: The Rakyat Post

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