Gerakan Youth to lodge police report against racial instigator in video Andy Yong: Police inaction during hate speech unacceptable (14.7.15)


A virulent video circulating on social media involving an individual giving a speech inciting racial hatred before the crowd gathered in front of the Low Yat Plaza and its ensuing chaos on Sunday. Gerakan Youth Deputy Chairman, Andy Yong Kim Seng asserted that his speech was offensive against other races and urged the authorities to take tough measures against the individual said above.

Andy Yong maintained that his speech was racist in nature and regretted that the Low Yat Plaza incident has turned racial. Andy Yong also upset with the apparent inaction of police as recorded in the video with no arrest despite the damaging nature of his speech as he maintained that no one should enjoy impunity and police must enforce the law fairly to all without fear or favour.

Andy Yong added that selected arrest has been a bane for Malaysia’s authorities on claims regarding perceived biasness. He pointed out that compared to previous immediate arrest during Bersih street rally, the apparent police inaction during the hate speech indicated the presence of double standard in law enforcement which the police must seriously address.

“I am appalled that despite with all the government’s efforts to bring racial integration among Malaysians, there are still irresponsible individuals trying to incite hatred among peace loving Malaysians. I feel strongly the police should investigate him under Section 298A of the Penal Code and Gerakan Youth will lodge a police report against him very soon,” said Andy Yong.

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