Malaysian Cabinet 2015 (28.7.15)

Malaysian Cabinet 2015 Portfolio Office Bearer Party Constituency Prime Minister Minister of Finance Mohd. Najib Abdul Razak … [Read more...]

Anti-DASH residents claim environmental approval flawed (27.7.15)

Say No To DASH (SNTD) brought its campaign to the doors of MBPJ today during the meeting to discuss Petaling Jaya Local Plan 2 (RTPJ 2), where the … [Read more...]

Zainah Anwar : Questions to ponder (27.7.15)

As issue and more issues made the headlines, will there be an implosion of all the things that Malaysia had built over the years? I AM beginning to … [Read more...]

Hukum guru, pentadbir sekolah bersifat perkauman, kata G25 (25.7.15)

Guru dan pentadbir sekolah yang mengamalkan sikap perkauman semasa sesi persekolahan atau aktiviti pelajar perlu dihukum, kata kumpulan 25 tokoh … [Read more...]

Malaysia reserves drop to 5-year low on sign of intervention (23.7.15)

Malaysia’s foreign exchange reserves fell to the lowest in almost five years, signaling the central bank may have intervened to stem the ringgit’s … [Read more...]

MyTeksi support SPAD’s new regulations for safer public transportation (23.7.15)

MyTeksi, a local internet-based taxi booking service, welcomes the Land Public Transport Commission's (SPAD) proposal to review current public … [Read more...]

Investors pin hope on The Boss revival (23.7.15)

About 300 investors are left in the lurch after construction work on The Boss Services Suite, one of Klang’s most talked about development projects, … [Read more...]

Ringgit slumps to 16-year low, money changers warned against hoarding foreign currencies (22.7.15)

Money changers should not hoard foreign currencies as this could pose risks in a volatile market, the Malaysian Association of Money Services … [Read more...]


Association of Water and Energy Research Malaysia (AWER) has carried out National Energy Security Survey (NESS) to establish a baseline data on energy … [Read more...]

Many still find radio relevant despite online distractions (21.7.15)

Believe it or not, 93% of Malaysian youngsters aged 20-29 are still listening to AM/FM radio on a weekly basis. That is an enormous number of … [Read more...]

Abide by earthquake-resistant standards, local authorities told (21.7.15)

Local authorities (LAs) in the states have been urged to adhere to the Department of Standards Malaysia's guidelines on earthquake-resistant … [Read more...]

Developer handed over unfinished units to dodge late penalty, claim buyers (20.7.15)

Home buyers in Templer Park in Selayang, Selangor, are frustrated that they cannot move into their new condominium units even with the keys in … [Read more...]

Bukit Kiara, kawasan hijau terakhir di KL, diancam kemusnahan (19.7.15)

Sembilan tahun selepas Bukit Kiara, salah satu kawasan rekreasi untuk berjalan kaki dan berbasikal paling popular di Kuala Lumpur, dijanjikan akan … [Read more...]

Plans to curb dengue epidemic outdated, says expert (17.7.15)

While the incidents of dengue cases has reached unprecedented levels, plans to combat the epidemic are still very much outdated, claimed S Veeramohan, … [Read more...]

Puncak Niaga worries about further delays in water deal (17.7.15)

The agreement to restructure the water services industry in Selangor has been extended by two more months since the deal was first signed in November … [Read more...]

FT Ministry to shut down liquor outlets in Brickfields (16.7.15)

The Federal Territories (FT) Ministry has initiated action against standalone outlets selling liquor in Brickfields, Kuala Lumpur. City Hall would … [Read more...]

Business dwindles along with water supply in New Town PJ (15.7.15)

The business community in Petaling Jaya (PJ) New Town, Selangor, are losing both patience and money over the frequent water disruptions occurring in … [Read more...]

Protester turns hero for saving man’s life during Plaza Low Yat fracas (14.7.15)

A Malay mechanic who was at Plaza Low Yat Plaza fracas in Bukit Bintang here on Sunday, turned into the saviour of a Chinese man randomly attacked by … [Read more...]

Insiden Plaza Low Yat tidak patut berlaku di bulan Ramadan, kata Dr Mahathir (14.7.15)

Insiden rusuhan di Plaza Low Yat yang berlaku baru-baru ini, tidak sepatutnya berlaku dalam bulan Ramadan yang mulia, kata bekas perdana menteri Tun … [Read more...]

Gerakan Youth to lodge police report against racial instigator in video Andy Yong: Police inaction during hate speech unacceptable (14.7.15)

A virulent video circulating on social media involving an individual giving a speech inciting racial hatred before the crowd gathered in front of the … [Read more...]

Tired of bad news but hooked to it, are Malaysians suffering political fatigue? (12.7.15)

If Malaysians are feeling depressed with all the negativity in local news and politics, it could partly be their own doing as they are both consumers … [Read more...]

Yellow-spot mystery, substance coming from the sky (11.7.15)

AN unknown yellow substance that appears to be coming from the sky has been a cause for concern for some residents in Bandar Sri Damansara. “It … [Read more...]

New Selangor highway will destroy major water source, warns green group (7.7.15)

A green group is sounding the alarm after the Selangor government approved a new highway they say will cut through the Ampang forest, a critical … [Read more...]

Dedah dokumen perbincangan jika penstrukturan semula air gagal, kata Azmin (9.7.15)

Kerajaan Selangor menyediakan notis penjelasan dan surat perbincangan dengan kerajaan persekutuan berkaitan proses memuktamadkan perjanjian utama … [Read more...]