Gerakan Youth demurs Hadi Awang’s claim on Hudud is God’s Law Andy Yong: Drawing analogy on those who opposed as dogs barking is utterly disrespectful (29.6.15)


Comments by PAS’s President Hadi Awang who claimed that Hudud is God’s Law and drew an anology of those who opposed it are equivalent to dogs and wolf barking drawn the ire of Gerakan Youth Deputy Chairman, Andy Yong Kim Seng saying that it is utterly disrespectful and undemocratic in the Malaysian society.

He strictly said that while he is not intending to interfere in Islamic matters, he wondered had Hadi Awang consulted the relevant national religious authorities or civil societies before passing the Hudud Law in the state of Kelantan.

“I am no connoisseur in Islamic Matters but did Hadi consult the Conference of Rulers beforehand? Also, did he explain to the public what contradictions does this Hudud bill brings against Article 4 and 8 in the Federal Constitution where it is the supreme law and all citizens are to be treated equally? No, he left the public in a nebulous situation while moving on with his agenda in a perfunctory manner.”

Andy Yong added that the current Hudud Law is esoteric in nature instead of in accordance to the Quran, where it has been manipulated for PAS’s selfish political gain at the expense of the general public. He repeated that if Hadi is so desperate to implement the Hudud, he should have done it in a legal and constitutionally acceptable manner by tabling a motion to amend the Federal Constitution instead of the Syariah Courts (Criminal Jurisdiction) Act.

“Hadi acted furtively prior to the tabling of the Syariah Enactment on 18 March 2015 which was eventually passed the next day on 19 March 2015 in the Kelantan State Assembly. What is the reason behind such secretive action and is there something that the public should not know? Then he once more acted in such manner by editing his Private’s Member Bill in the previous Parliament sitting hastily.”

Andy continued that it is to be expected that the animosity between DAP and PAS to lingered on despite giving a smokescreen to the public in the form of Pakatan Rakyat where the DAP played their cards well in deceiving the non-Muslims in a pernicious manner. He said that regarding Hadi’s comments on ‘dogs and wolfs barking’ where various breeds of dogs existed where some will do whatever it takes to defend the Federal Constitution and the nation and Gerakan is one of them.

“As a highly respected Muslim leader, Hadi Awang must know how to respect the Non-Muslims, Does Islam permits one to call a Non-muslim as a dog? “

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