Poll respondents urge authorities to clean up Klang (27.6.15)

The royal town of Klang has certainly seen better days.

The former state capital used to be known for its fresh seafood, good shopping and rich history.

Now, it is more known for its lack of cleanliness, crows, Ah Long posters, rampant crime and high number of illegal immigrants. More recently, the number of dengue cases there has reached an alarming level.

In this week’s The Star Online poll, we asked readers what needs to be improved in Klang.

We also asked which were the dirtiest areas in Klang and what could be done to improve Klang’s dirty town image.

Here are some of the responses:

“There’s rubbish all over – breeding grounds for Aedes mosquitoes and dengue. Introduce garbage separation and recycling programmes. Clean up the landfills! Bring in bats – these are natural predators for mosquitoes.”

“Fire the politicians and civil servants – obviously they aren’t doing a good job if Klang is filthy and dengue cases are spiking.”

“Port Klang town and Bandar Sultan Suleiman Industrial Area. Rubbish scattered everywhere. Very poor hygiene inside, behind, and around coffee shops. Dead rats can be seen on the roads as well.”

“The area near some factories. Stagnant water, muddy paths, rubbish strewn around. Poor housing. Not surprised if Aedes mosquitoes are found there.”

“Bandar Puteri – it’s not the dirtiest, but comes close. Garbage, including bulky refuse like unwanted furniture and mattresses, are dumped on the roadside by residents. Residents feed pigeons and stray dogs/cats in the name of “love” without considering the poop that these pigeons/dogs/cats leave all over the place.”

“Owners of properties renting their premises must check the cleanliness fortnightly, failing which slap them with fines.

“Abandoned properties of more than five years must be taken over by the local council as these places breed mosquitoes, rats and drug addicts.”

“What is the point of being a rich state if people are dying of dengue? Come on – allocate the funds for cleaning up Selangor and maybe dengue rates will decline.”

“Impose fines on those who dirty their house compounds, especially those who rent to foreigners and do not check and ensure the tenants keep the place clean.”

Visit http://www.thestar.com.my to take the poll.

Source: The Star

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