Selangor Gerakan urged Azmin to prioritize the interest of the Rakyat David Ang: power struggle adds salt to the wound (20.6.15)

David Ang 3

Selangor Gerakan urged Selangor MB Azmin Ali to handle the DAP-PKR crisis with great care to avoid adding salt to the wound of the Selangor people from the previous Selangor MB crisis. Selangor Gerakan state Chairman Dato’ David Ang Chin Tat pointed out that, PAS and DAP crisis had affected the nerves of the Selangor government and placed it in deep water of constitutional crisis. It highly depended on Azmin’s resourcefulness to solve the second Selangor crisis.

He said that, the concern of the people would not subside with the dissolve of PR, and the most affected would be the Selangor politics where it was consisted of members from the three parties. Given the fact that, all three parties had even grounds in Selangor, it risked another potential political storm.

The reason why the former PR allies could take Selangor was very much owed to people’s trust and support. If a Selangor political crisis happened again in less than one year from the previous one, it might give voters the feeling that the once PR allies were fooling them.

“Azmin Ali is in power and it is now time to test whether or not he can prioritize the welfare of the Selangor people while solving the problem. The last thing we want to see would be the dissolution of the state assembly for re-election as it is a childish move and a waste of resources. The voters will not forgive them. This will unravel all they have done in the past and their promises to the voters. In the end, it is people who will be left disappointed for their selfishness” said David Ang.

David Ang hoped for the three parties with distinctive agendas to put asides their prejudices and work together in Selangor to ensure a smooth operation in the state to avoid disappointing the voters.

“Disputes within the three parties are their own businesses. Please do not use the government institution and tax money to solve the party issues. We are all grown-ups, but it now seems that these people are still playing children games at the expenses of people.”

He finally urged Azmin to work out a solution to avoid the dissolution of Selangor state assembly. The former PR also should not let the Selangor people to pay the price for their political drama. It is a must that people’s trust and hopes on them be voided in selfishness.

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