DAP denies plan to quit Selangor government (20.6.15)

(Picture from Malaysiakini)

(Picture from Malaysiakini)

Selangor DAP chief Tony Pua today denied a Sin Chew report that DAP may quit the Selangor government if Menteri Besar Azmin Ali refused to expel PAS exco members.

In a statement today, Pua described the report as “inaccurate” and “confusing”.

The report had said that DAP will not seek a dissolution of the state assembly as this will put the party on collision course with the sultan, but will instead just quit the state government.

However, Pua insisted DAP had a few options on the cards which it will discuss with Azmin (photo).

“I would like to stress that the DAP Selangor meeting presented a few proposals with a few solutions for discussion with the menteri besar.

“We are also prepared to listen to his proposals,” said Pua, who is Petaling Jaya Utara MP.

Pua said the meeting also decided that dissolution of the state assembly is to be avoided and will only be the last resort.

As such, Pua said DAP had on Thursday put in a request to meet with Azmin and stressed the meeting must be expedited.

“So long as the meeting does not take place, it will come as no surprise if there are quarters that will be out to create prejudice in the mainstream media,” he said.

“With a Pakatan government no longer existing, we welcome a new Selangor coalition government.

“The coalition must be based wholly on the common policy framework and the Selangor government manifesto which was given the mandate by the rakyat at the last general election.

“We welcome forming the coalition government with PKR and any other quarters that are ready for formal political cooperation to achieve the said objectives,” he said.

Gerakan: No dissolution please

Meanwhile Selangor Gerakan chairperson David Ang urged Azmin to solve the state administration’s crisis without burdening the people with a dissolution of the state assembly.

“Azmin Ali is in power and it is now time to test whether or not he can prioritise the welfare of the Selangor people while solving the problem.

“The last thing we want to see would be the dissolution of the state assembly for reelection as it is a childish move and a waste of resources.

“The voters will not forgive them. This will unravel all they have done in the past and their promises to the voters.

(Picture from Malaysiakini)

(Picture from Malaysiakini)                  

“In the end, it is people who will be left disappointed for their (Pakatan’s) selfishness,” said Ang (left) in a statement today.

He said Azmin should ensure the state runs smoothly regardless of the opposition pact’s problems.

“Disputes within the three parties are their own businesses. Please do not use the government institution and tax money to solve the party issues,” he said.

Ang reminded PKR that the voters had placed their trust in it and should not have to “pay the price for their political drama”.
Source: https://www.malaysiakini.com/news/302474

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