Gerakan fires salvo towards recurring flash flood in Puchong Kohilan: Has the incumbent MP scamper from his responsibility? (12.6.15)


With Puchong suffering another perennial flash flood in recent memories, disgruntlement has been among the topics among the locals regarding the performance of their representative failing his duties. This drew the flak from Gerakan Vice-President, Datuk A. Kohilan Pillay questioning does Puchong even has an MP.

He reminded that despite holding the seat for the past 7 years plus with the state government under the control of the opposition, it is humorous that the state government failed in their duties in ensuring such incidents do not repeat continuously.

“I personally lost count on how many times Puchong has been affected by a flash flood, bringing major hardship for the locals and people rushing to their workplace at the same time. Has the MP scampered from his responsibilities?” demurred Kohilan.

“Making matters worse, the MP has the audacity to make new but hollow promises to the people during the general election. Please solve the issue at hand before dishing out new promises which are only prevarications.

Finally, he cautioned that the state government should be candid about the problem instead on giving the usual excuse of being new to the administration, hence the lack of funds available.

“7 years seems pretty long to me, so please cease your shameless prevarications and excuses to the voters.”

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