Klang ‘not a garbage can’ (6.6.15)

Cleaning up a dirty habit: MPK workers clearing up garbage dumped along roads in Klang. –  The Star filepic

Cleaning up a dirty habit: MPK workers clearing up garbage dumped along roads in Klang. – The Star filepic

The Klang Municipal Council (MPK) has had enough with unscrupulous people who spoil the image of South Klang by dumping their rubbish anywhere they choose.

Six areas have become hotspots for illegal dumping and this means extra budget is needed to clean upthe waste.

MPK president Datuk Mohammad Yacob said the council had to regularly clean up those areas and resorted to using enforcement officers to patrol the areas.

The hotspots are Jalan Haji Othman in Rantau Panjang, Jalan Sungai Putus in Batu Belah, Jalan Kedah off Jalan Meru, Taman Setia in Kota Alam Shah, Pulau Indah and Johan Setia.

“Our 27 cleaning supervisors are told to monitor the situation and I have seen an improvement on the streets but there are still a few illegal dumpsites. The people would dump the garbage in the wee hours of the morning,” he said.

Mohammad said the council’s public relations department had been ordered to come up with a media campaign engaging the people to help curb illegal dumping.

“Other than an awareness campaign, we will not hesitate to take a tough stance and drag the culprits to court.

“Our legal department is looking at one or two cases of those caught red-handed. MPK takes a zero-tolerance approach to illegal dumping,” he added.

He said from January to April 2015, the council received 483 complaints of rubbish piled up and another 169 illegal dumpsites that were resolved.

“We have noticed that the illegal dumpsites are close to major roads as they provide easy and quick access. It is an uphill task for MPK to nab these people who treat Klang like their garbage can and do not care about the town’s cleanliness,” he added.

Mohammad said councillors assigned to various neighbourhoods were working closely with residents to resolve illegal dumpsites and cleanliness problems.

“Under MPK’s ‘Call Your Councillor’ programme, both the councillor and people must foster a productive friendship that can get problems resolved. MPK wants councillors to attend to the issues and complaints from residents.

“Councillors are appointed through their respective political parties and non-governmental organisations, thus accountable to the communities and the management of the local council. At all times, councillors must practise high level of ethics when it comes to making planning decisions,” he said.

He noted that “councillors take on a quasi-judicial role in the interpretation of state or council laws.”

“Decisions made at sub-committee meetings must be done in good faith for the betterment of the neighbourhoods,” he added.

Mohammad said good governance was important to gain the people’s trust.

“Certain neighbourhoods such as Taman Setia had placed strong pressure on councillor P. Yugarajah in April to curb the flashfloods and he had done well in understanding the people’s views and taking immediate action,” he said.

Yugarajah said the immediate measure was a thorough clean-up of monsoon drains in Taman Setia, Taman Melawis and Jalan Tepi Sungai.

“Clean-up work is ongoing and other plans for better drainage are in discussion,” he added.

Mohammad urged the people to call their zone councillors (see table below) to resolve matters in the neighbourhoods.

Source: The Star

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