Ban politicians from NGOs, says Indian NGO (6.6.15)


PETALING JAYA: The leader of an Indian-based society has urged the Registrar of Societies to disqualify politicians and those holding elected public offices from being involved in non-governmental organisations.

Malaysian Indian Progressive Association secretary-general S. Bharathidasan said Mipas believed that some irresponsible politicians were using the NGO platform to further their political aims.

He said Mipas had found that up to 60-70% of NGOs in Malaysia currently comprise politicians in some capacity within.

Bharathidasan, describing it as disappointing, said: “Politicians should stick with politics. Let the apolitical serve the people via NGOs.”

In a media statement today, he said many who are ministers, deputy ministers and politicians would start NGOs and assume the role of president “only to secure allocations or grants from the government, under the guise of community service, and then use the funds for individual political purposes.”

Bharathidasan added that such “irresponsible behaviour” and practices of political NGOs, had left other societies being short-changed as scarce government funds were often misappropriated.

Those societies genuinely committed to serving the public would have to raise funds via donations, fundraising dinners, car wash and such to give back to the community in need,” he said.

He added that politicians who were sincere and honest in their duties would have no need to use NGOs to serve the people.

He said Mipas, which is based in Kuala Lumpur, with branches in all states, works on community based issues, education, training programme awareness, and human rights. It is headed by Viveka Sri A. Rajaretinam.

Source: FMT

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