RM10.5mil to prevent flash floods in Ampang Jaya (29.5.15)

Ampang Jaya Municipal Council (MPAJ) has identified three areas to build drains to divert excess rainwater from Pandah Indah to Sungai Kerayong in an effort to prevent flash floods in the area.

MPAJ president Abdul Hamid Hussain said the drains to be built near Inai Apartment, Jalan Pandan Indah 20 and Jalan Pandan Indah 6/2 were among efforts to resolve the issue.

“We appointed a consultant, Perunding KHS, in February to do a three-month research on the cause of the flood and suggest solutions,” he said during a press conference to elaborate on the matter that was mentioned in his opening speech during MPAJ’s full board meeting.

Other suggestions include widening main pipes and inner drains to ensure there is sufficient capacity to drain the water and maintaining the drains consistently.

Another problem highlighted was the main drain along Besraya Highway that faced a bottleneck situation. The drain is unable to channel huge amount of water, causing an overflow.

He said the culvert pipes in housing areas such as Inai Apartment also did not have the capacity, resulting in an overflow too.

“The drainage network in the area has not been maintained well, so water is not able to flow properly,” he said, adding that the drains in Ampang were old as they were built in the 1980s.

Abdul Hamid said the cost was estimated at RM10.5mil to carry out all the recommendations.

“We will draw up a long-term plan to implement this by stages. We hope work can start next year and it is expected to be completed in five years, depending on the funds,” he said.

He added that MPAJ intended to allocate RM1mil per year to implement the projects by stages unless there were allocations from Selangor government or the ministries.

On efforts to promote Permatang Kuarza in Genting Kelang as a tourism site, MPAJ will present a plan to the state government, including building structures such as staircases to encourage more people to visit the area.

“We will also propose about 50 plots of land in Ampang be used for activities such as agro-tourism,” he added.

Abdul Hamid said MPAJ had uncovered 1,468 illegal car garages on government property in residential areas.

“The councillors have asked to discuss the matter again first before we take further action on this,” he said.

Source: The Star

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