Andy Yong: The need to ensure the efficiency and fair distribution under the 11th Malaysia Plan (21.5.15)


As Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak is going to table the 11th Malaysia Plan (“11MP”) tomorrow, many are looking forward to an effective and comprehensive measures to develop the country into a high-income nation ie Vision 2020.

“As past experience showed, it can be more of a bane than a boon if the Prime Minister and the cabinet are not serious in ensuring transparency, efficiency and productivity to be the core requirements in its implementation” said Andy Yong.

Andy added that “as a matter of fact some of the politicians, civil servants and rent-seekers are anticipating the 11MP to see how much can they get from their share of the cake.  These people will somehow figure a way from the development plans or allocation to widen their personal gain and growth instead of the nation.  Therefore the Cabinet should ensure awards from 11MP are granted through a system based on meritocracy and fairness, otherwise as it is, we will be cheating ourselves to say Malaysia is on track towards its target of developed nation status by 2020”.

“Although I agree that inclusiveness and sustainability being the core values; respecting the rule of law, ensuring a truly good education quality and good governance are other important factors need to be considered in the development plans and solutions of 11MP.  Otherwise the fruit of success is never be available to all and it will cause the people to lose trust on the government.  As it is, many do not even trust the Auditor General or our Judiciary not to mention the government of the day” urged Andy.

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