Exemplary effort on CSR projects (11.5.15)

PORT Klang is the pride of our nation. It brings in billions of ringgit through trade and tax and employs more than 100,000 people.

It is the responsibility of the local authority, Klang Municipal Council or Majlis Perbandaran Klang (MPK), to ensure the cleanliness of the town and maintenance of its infrastructure, and while there is improvement in these aspects, there is still much to be done.

While the local authority is still struggling to catch up with the development and progress of Port Klang, which will soon be among the 10th biggest ports in the world, there are some diligent corporations like Northport who are going out of their way to make Port Klang more livable, safe and secure.

I was having coffee after a heavy day at the office at the Bandar Sultan Sulaiman coffee shop in Port Klang and I was impressed by the efforts of Northport after a conversation I had with the restaurant owner. He said he was so happy the roads in front of his shop are now paved and that the whole place looks cleaner and safer. He said this was made possible through a wonderful corporate social responsibility (CSR) programme carried out by Northport about two years ago.

This wonderful programme has brought progress to the whole place. A further achievement of this programme is the building of a new highway leading to the port. The undulating road leading to the port is a thing of the past. Now, heavy trailers and trucks can ply easily and effortlessly to the port, thus bringing greater revenue for the port, the people in Port Klang and investors at large.

The drains are cleaned, the trees pruned and there are fewer stray dogs in this area.

I must thank Northport for their innovative idea where they succeeded in getting more than RM3mil for the local authority to spend on sprucing up the neglected infrastructure.

We are also very pleased to see a pedestrian bridge being constructed on the Shapadu Highway. This bridge will help hundreds of workers to cross the busy highway every morning and evening. There have been more than 11 deaths on this highway and the bridge will help to prevent more fatalities as it connects the factory and the workers’ hostels across the Shapadu highway.

Though Northport is very quiet about these wonderful achievements, I feel this great effort must be highlighted so that more corporations will come forward to assist the Government and the people in an effective yet meaningful way.

The restaurant owner was so thankful and happy when I said I would write to the media about Northport’s CSR effort that he did not take my money for the wonderful hailamcoffee he served me.

Keep it up, Northport. CSR is not merely a means to gain fame.

It is a sincere effort in building bridges between corporations and their stakeholders.


Port Klang

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