MPSJ processes not practical (1.5.15)

I AM not an entertainment event organiser but I organise runs.

Somehow we are in the same category as entertainment when we apply for permits from the Subang Jaya Municipal Council (MPSJ).

I can understand the frustration of entertainment event organisers when they are told they should only sell tickets upon getting the permit from MPSJ. This is impractical and not financially viable.

It is normal for MPSJ’s permit to come very late, at times just two days before the event. The practice is MPSJ would wait until all documents are in. One important document is the police permit. The police on their part would not want to issue the permit early as there may be other more critical events that warrant their full attention.

So there’s this chicken-and-egg situation and the organisers have to take their chances and start selling tickets before their permits are issued.

I agree with MPSJ councillor Dr Mahendran Markandoo who said that such incidents (cancellation of concerts) are bad for the tourism industry. I would even say it runs counter to the Economic Transformation Plan the Government is pushing towards the country’s mission to be a high income nation.

MPSJ and all municipal councils need to adopt business-friendly procedures to assist businesses to thrive. Tourism is a big industry and event management companies play a critical role in it.


Subang Jaya

Source: The Star

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