Gerakan holds cancellation of Thirst concert contradicts public interest Kohilan: Lack of response by Azmin Ali unacceptable (29.4.15)


Gerakan Vice-President, Datuk A. Kohilan Pillay disagreed with the decision by police to withdraw their support to the Thirst 2015: We Are All Stardust concert due to official complaint from Sri Serdang assemblywoman, PASs Noor Hanim on religious grounds which led to its eleventh-hour cancellation that cause public dissatisfaction. He maintained that the complaint by PAS lawmaker was done in bad faith and the police decision to cancel the concert was ill-advised as a result.

Kohilan criticised Selangor Menteri Besar Azmin Ali for his deafening silence on the issue. He said the failure of Azmin to respond and resolve the issue in time is unacceptable. Kohilan questioned why Azmin has not reprimanded PAS assemblywoman Noor Hanim over her public mistake and put this matter straight again? He was disappointed that the lack of response from Azmin has shown that the Selangor MB remains conservative along religious line failing to defend the interests of all Malaysians on this issue.

Azmin needs to break his silence on this issue that involved religious sensitivity and of public interest. The people rightly expect their MB to stand up defending the rights and interests of all Malaysians. Selective ignorance as displayed by Azmin is unacceptable, Selangorians are disappointed with restrictions that affect the non-Muslims, Azmin and Noor Hanim owe an apology to the people, said Kohilan

Kohilan also believed that the police should conduct checking and evaluate complaint lodged to them before taking any action. He noted that terms and conditions have been stated clearly in entertainment permit imposed on the concert organiser by the Subang Jaya Municipal Council (MPSJ) that disallowed Muslims and individuals under 18 to attend the concert. PASs Noor Hanim should apologize for her lack of understanding on the matter.

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