Battling illegal ads in Klang (27.4.15)

Round-the-clock clean-up: MPK’s Enforcement officers removing the unlicensed advertisements. (The Star)

Round-the-clock clean-up: MPK’s Enforcement officers removing the unlicensed advertisements. (The Star)

THE Klang Municipal Council (MPK) has declared “war” against unlicensed outdoor advertisers by continuously removing promotional materials put up illegally.

MPK president Datuk Mohammad Yacob said bunting in commercial and residential areas, and along main roads were rampant.

“It spoils the landscape and the stickers deface public properties. At times the wood holding the bunting are a danger to motorists as wind tend to blow it into their path,” he said.

Mohammad Yacob admitted that the Outdoor Advertisement Act and policies were violated by unscrupulous private contractors and that it was an uphill task to counter their actions.

“Within half-an-hour of removing the bunting, another one comes up. Of late, we caught one person red-handed while another four were issued compounds. We are not turning a blind eye to this mischievous act,” he added.

Council officers, he said, had removed 19,801 illegal advertisements banners, bunting and wooden signboards advertising sex enhancement gadgets, imitation Viagra pills, sex services and loan sharks services last year.

From January to March this year 7,186 illegal advertisements of loan sharks were taken down, he added.

MPK enforcement department director Andry Arman Masrom said a maximum penalty of RM1,000 was imposed for each offence under the council’s Advertising By-Law 2007.

Andry said the council was not only removing illegal advertisements but were tracking down the people responsible for putting up the banners and stickers.

To-date MPK had submitted 26 phone numbers printed on bunting to the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) for the lines to be disconnected, he added.

“Our task force for removing illegal advertisement is working continuously to frustrate the contractors from putting up the illegal advertisements. They have stopped in some places.

“We will continue in Bandar Bukit Tinggi, Bandar Baru Klang, Jalan Raya Barat, Jalan Mengkuang and Jalan Melawis and Taman Setia,” he said.

Consumer Association of Klang president Devadass Anjan said MPK must take up an aggressive stand against those putting up illegal outdoor advertisements.

He suggested that the council used the Prevention of Defacement of Public Property Act and the Outdoor Advertisement Act to fight the vandalising of public amenities.

Source: The Star

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