Selangor Gerakan condemns religious intolerance following protest against church in PJ David Ang: Embrace religious tolerance and moderation as a way of life (20.4.15)

David Ang 3

A report on Sunday saying that a Muslim group demonstrated outside a church in Taman Medan demanding it to remove the cross with the claims that it is unIslamic in a Muslim majority area has drawn the ire of Selangor Gerakan State Chairman, David Ang Chin Tat saying that it is insensitive since Malaysia is a multiracial and religious country.

He said that Malaysia has been founded on the spirit of multiracial and religious by our forefathers where every person has the freedom to practice his or her own religious beliefs as long as it does not affects others physically or mentally.

“I find their actions insensitive as what the church did was within its perimeters which is no harm done. Despite the fact that it has been reported that 70% of the neighbourhood are Muslims, the rights for non-Muslims must also be respected and we cannot force them to do something which they do not want. They should not be over-zealous and should respect the freedom of religion as being guaranteed under the Federal Constitution.”

David Ang pointed out that even the Prime Minister himself has preached moderation in the form of the 1Malaysia context where every Malaysian regardless of race and religion has a place in this country. Hence, he said Selangor Gerakan calls on all Malaysians to embrace religious tolerance and moderation as a way of life to ensure that such unhappy incident would not repeat in the future.

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