Gooi Hoe Hin: Cut out the nonsense and show real guts DAP (9.4.15)

Gooi Hoe Hin

Gerakan National Speaker, Dato’ Gooi Hoe Hin rebutted DAP Lim Kit Siang and Ong Kian Ming over their recent statements on parliamentary debate that were out to sway the public opinion and paint the government in a bad light. Gooi held strongly that the DAP duo have no moral right to criticise and judge others as they have failed to uphold their standpoint and a proven demagogue pawning national principles, public interest and welfare of the people. He slammed the DAP duo for their deceiving political showmanship to play innocent and offered no principled resistance in real issues.

Gooi was dismayed over Lim Kit Siang’s statement who expressed shock over the appearance of PAS Hadi Awang’s Private Member’s Bill on Hudud in the Parliament’s order paper as reported on Tuesday (7 April). Gooi dismissed Lim’s claim of “shock” and his blame on PAS Hadi Awang for breaking promise as deceiving and public whitewashing which attempted to pass the buck to PAS. He questioned, DAP is the biggest party in the loose Pakatan Rakyat (PR) coalition, why it had consistently failed to stop PAS to submit the Hudud Bill to Parliament?

Gooi maintained that it was wrong and irresponsible for Lim to blame on PAS Hadi Awang and play innocent, two PR Presidential Council meetings have been held in February and March but PAS was not stopped. He said DAP must show real guts and bold action to severe ties with PAS at all levels and quit PR state governments in Penang and Selangor if they are to save their credibility. He pointed out that a joint statement between DAP Lim Guan Eng and PAS Hadi Awang in April 2013 acknowledging PAS’s right to pursue its Islamic state agenda, it was a clear proof that DAP hoodwinking the public. Lim Guan Eng owes an explanation to the public and the Chinese community will not forget DAP on its deception and betrayal.

“Please do not talk cock, save the nonsense and petty drama to yourself. This will not happen if the late Karpal Singh is alive and with us today. I recall how Karpal once said during an interview in February 2009 that he was not supported by his DAP colleagues on fight against Hudud ala PAS and urged Lim Kit Siang and Lim Guan Eng must also repent on Hudud ala PAS,” said Gooi

Equally disappointing, Gooi slammed Ong Kian Ming for his recent attacks on Gerakan. He questioned why PR MPs were missing in Parliament and urged the Serdang MP to explain DAP failure to stop PAS in its Hudud bid in Parliament as a political partner despite knowing it is unconstitutional. He urged DAP leaders to stop twisting and manipulating issues at the expense of public interest and welfare.

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