Kidex can ease crawl (24.09.14)

kidex 2

IT COULD take up to two hours to travel from Petaling Jaya to Kinrara or Damansara by 2018 without the Kinrara-Damansara Expressway (Kidex). A Kidex Sdn Bhd spokesman made this statement based on a traffic study.

“According to the Transport Ministry’s Highway Planning Unit study, in the next 10 years there will be an increase in vehicular traffic by 5% each year.

“However, this is a modest estimate and it could be much higher.

“Taking this into consideration, without Kidex the travel time to these locations could take up to two hours.

“With Kidex, the journey from Section 52 to Kinrara and Damansara would only take between seven to eight minutes with a speed of 60kph,” he said.

He added Kidex should not be looked at in isolation, but rather in terms of the bigger picture.

“Kidex will connect to other proposed highways such as the Serdang-Kinrara-Putrajaya Highway (SKIP),” he added.

Resident S. Nizam, who lives in Section 11, Kota Damansara was looking forward to Kidex as he believed it would help reduce traffic congestion on the major expressways during rush hour.

He thinks Kidex would provide an alternative to motorists and free existing local roads.

“We hear about the terrible jam from Bukit Lanjan to Subang which occurs on a daily basis.

“I think Kidex will help by providing the residents of Damansara with an alternative route to places like Kinrara, Bukit Jalil and Subang.

“This highway will also help those heading to Putrajaya or Cyberjaya from Damansara,” said Nizam who works in the construction industry.

He said a mixed reaction was common with any new project.

“I work in the construction industry and I think while there may be some level of discomfort during the construction period, most would welcome Kidex once it is operational,’’ he said.

Long-time Kinrara resident, V.S. Nair said the highway has merit and hoped it would shorten the travelling time from Kinrara to Petaling Jaya.

“Traffic jams in Petaling Jaya have become unbearable as it takes more than an hour to get from Petaling Jaya to Kinrara during peak hours and even longer.

“I’m in favour of Kidex if it can reduce travelling time,” he said.

Based on the Nielson Global Survey of Automative Demand 2014, seven out of 10 Malaysians have plans to acquire a car within the next two years.

About 54% of households have more than one car in the country.

These surveys show there is a need for more travel solutions, especially for motorists using the highway as more people are travelling longer distances to get to their workplace from home and vice versa. – The Star

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